The WebForum project - download

As of August 2003, WebForum is only available as a java source zip file. This means that you need to download the zip file, and follow the instructions to compile and install it.

It has been my experience so far that WAR files do not prove to be very useful. Indeed, much of the configuration must be done by hand unless you want to write clever and possibly insecure scripts. Given that installing a web application such as webforum is a possibly insecure operations, we prefer, for the moment, to only offer the source code and the documentation.

However, we would be interested if someone wanted to contributed a smart installation script that could securely configure WebForum easily. Not that the installation is hard to begin with... you only have to copy 2-3 files in addition to the .class files and then enter 4 to 5 configuration lines in the proper file.

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