The WebForum project - information for developers

First you must be aware of the design goals for WebForum. If you disagree, you can still work on webforum, but in a new branch! WebForum aims to be a JDK1.1, servlet API 2.0 compatible (mostly) servlet with its own database engine. This means that a lot of enterprise computing options are not there including enterprise JavaBeans. These are not bad things, but WebForum aim to be a down-to-the-wire approach. WebForum is fast and lean, plus it is compatible with all Java hosting solutions out there and aims to remain that way.

Before deciding whether this is what you are looking for or not, you should check the javadoc. It should offer you some insight into what goes on the server. WebForum has a true Object-Oriented approach where almost everything is treated using OOP. I believe this makes WebForum relatively easy to maintain.

Everything has been uploaded to CVS. There is a webforum module right now. You can browse the CVS tree online and download the project releases at the sourceforge page. Please use the sourceforge page for bug reports and support requests.

CVS access should be as easy as...

cvs login
cvs -z3 co webforum

Of course, it assumes that you've switched first to an empty directory were you want to store the files. If you have trouble with CVS access, especially if you are behind a SOCKS5 firewall, you might want to check my notes on sourceforge access from behind a firewall. I'm still not clear on what needs to be done exactly so these notes are more or less random notes.

You can use jCVS to recover the sources, as illustred by this snapshot (PNG image). I'm sure many other GUIs work.

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