Package com.ondelette.servlet.webforum

Interface Summary
AutorizationConstants Description of the Interface
FixedNumericalConstants Description of the Interface
GenericServletInterface Used for optimized servlet/applet communication (protocol)
ParameterNames HTML/HTTP parameter names

Class Summary
Forum A forum object containing posts and folder of posts
ForumFactory A factory for forums
ForumLocale Internationalized strings support (i18n code goes here)
ForumLocaleFactory A ForumLocal factory (i18n support)
HTMLUtil Useful HTML methods
Message Message (post) object
MessageFolder This class manages a bunch of posts and it handles saving and loading them from disk
MessageReference An index referring to a message
ServletUtil A few useful methods (post/session management and all)
SwingForumApplet Class SwingForumApplet To do: 1) Automatically update the message buffer to new messages.
User Description of the Class
UserList Description of the Class
UserListFactory Description of the Class
WebForumGenericServlet This servlet is a low-level version of the WebForumServlet.
WebForumServlet Main servlet serving HTML

Exception Summary
BadForumCookieException An exception thrown when you can't parse a cookie